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Translucent Grasses

Tall grasses are an excellent way to fill in those empty spots in your jungle. The underbrush is just as important as trees are for making a jungle look real, and with something this easy, you can fill your jungle quickly.

By far the easiest material to use and obtain is fishing line. It comes in a wide assortment of sizes, and can be used to make many different plants. In its simplest form, simply cut the fishing line to length and glue it to the base in clusters. This is a lot easier if you are using a quick setting glue like hot glue. If you want to make something a little fancier, try using some small glass beads to add a head onto the grass stock.

Fibers from small plastic filaments or fiber glass fibers can also be used. These plants were made with fibers that are intended to be used as a concrete additive. They can be purchased at construction supply stores and are usually used in the casting of concrete objects that are too small to use rebar in.

Cheap craft lace is another material that makes a grass like plant. We cut the ends of these off flat, but in retrospect they probably would have looked better if cut at an angle or with rounded tips. When working with lots of small fibers it can sometimes be very difficult to keep them all in place. The easiest way to do this we have found is to take a small washer with a hole in it the size that you want your plant base to be. Thread your fibers into the hole until you have enough of them to make a plant, and it will hold them in place long enough to glue them. Just make sure that the washer is high enough up the stalks that it doesn’t get into the glue!


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