18charlie is the blog of a master terrain maker (VetSgt), and his son (SirWitty) that helps him run it. We emphasize on the scratch built, because what the big companies sell are expensive, and what we make ourselves is cooler anyway. We’ve learned a lot, making things ranging from a bizarre transparent jungle, to a crystal laden field, or from a standard bunker to a menacing tomb. Now we’re going to show you how you can do it to!

What does “18charlie” mean?

18 Charlie, or simply 18C, is the designation of a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant. Before he retired from the military, it was VetSgt’s occupation.

Why make a blog?

VetSgt has posted his terrain to a large variety of sites around the web. Now he’s decided to gather all of those into one place, in an environment that is easy to navigate.  The hope is that this blog will become like a cookbook for scratch built terrain, one that we can expand or modify with ease.

Can I help?

Yes! If you have a neat idea for terrain that you want us to add, let us know. If we like the idea, we’ll post a tutorial of the process and give you credit in the post (we can link to your website too). If you have some terrain you made using this blog, we’d love to see some pictures. If you give us permission, we’ll add your pictures to a “user created” gallery, again giving you credit. you can submit your idea and photos through the “talk to us” page. We hope to hear from you soon!

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