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Bamboo Groves in 15mm

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Bamboo is one of the most iconic tropical plants and is very useful for gaming in the tropics. Because it has such thin stalks, it can be very difficult to make something to represent it, in 15mm that actually looks to scale. This is a very simple inexpensive way to make some yourself.

Bamboo comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you have a wide range of styles to choose from.

The ridged segments on Bamboo are one of its most recognizable features. They are a little small however to be seen at 15mm scale, so that particular detail will have to be a little oversized. The easiest way to do this is with Panel nails.

Masonite bases work nicely since you can simply hammer the nails into them. We exaggerated the distance between individual stalks to give more room while painting and flocking.

The nails were painted a suitable color and given a dark wash to bring out the ridges. The bases were then given a flock on the bases since that part won’t be accessible later. PVA glue was painted on the top half of the nails and they were given a light dusting of fine flock.

The tops are then built up in successive layers, allowing the glue to harden between coats. First widen the heads of the nails with another coat of the fine flock. Larger clump foliage is then used to bulk out the tops of the groves and give them an interesting shape. Once you are satisfied with the shape then cover it with another coat of the fine flock.

It is very easy to get whatever shape you want using this method.

That’s it, just a few simple steps to transform a few nails into a reasonable likeness of a Bamboo grove.

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