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Camouflage Nets

A real camouflage net is nothing but a net with some rags attached to it. When up close, it can be seen though quite easily; only when it is viewed from a distance does it conceal anything. On a gaming table, it can be difficult representing something that lightly constructed. Our goal with these was to make something that looks close to an actual net while still being highly playable and not too expensive or time consuming to make. The backs of these nets were intentionally left wide open so that they only conceal the models from the front. The point is to conceal your models from your opponent and not from you. If you make nets that completely cover your models then you will very quickly forget what is under them yourself.

The first thing you will need is an appropriate forming block. We made ours out of some scrap wood that was laying around,  but any suitably shaped and sized object will work. We also made ours extra-long so that we could use the excess portion as a handle. Since different vehicles will require different heights and angles on the gun barrel, it will also enable two sided forms to be made. Just make sure that the block is big enough that the finished net won’t actually touch the model it is intended to conceal. This prevents the vehicle from getting caught in the net and flung across the room when it is removed.

Next you will need some craft wire mesh. This can usually be found in the sculpting section of your local craft store since it is intended to be used as a sculpting armature. We used the aluminum (and it worked just fine), but you may want to consider using the copper or brass ones if you want your finished nets to be a little sturdier. Alternatively, you can use two layers for the net body to make it more rigid. This also makes the weave of the net appear denser.

Cut the mesh into appropriately sized pieces and fold back the lip of one side. This makes the edge just a little bit sturdier and eliminates the ragged edge that catches on everything. If you are doing the doubled thickness then do the same thing with the folded edge.

Press the piece of wire mesh down over the form to give it the shape you want.

Cut the excess off of the bottom side leaving a small seam of extra mesh.

Take the mesh off of the form and bend the seam back.

Put it back on the form and ensure that the seam is flat and straight.

Paint and flock in colors appropriate to your gaming table and you are done. We used some spice leaves for the flock since a flat wide flock looks the most realistic.

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