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Easy to make Crystal Terrain (part two)

Making random objects look like crystals is actually a little easier than it sounds. There are lots of ordinary clear or tinted items that require almost no effort to repurpose as crystal terrain.

These were made with beach glass. We left them unpainted because they were made from a colored glass, but they could have been easily painted if desired. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a beach near your house these can also be found in a craft store.

We made these from a piece of the diffuser on a florescent light fixture. They sell this stuff in home improvement stores in the lighting section. The sheet that this piece came from is about 1Ft X 4Ft. if you want to go crazy and make a crystal paved road, this would be the material to use. The backside of these needs to be painted in a shiny color to reflect the light back (silver is the best color to use). The front side can be washed in whatever color you want, but the lighter the color the better the reflection will be.

We made these with some crushed glass that came from a craft store. It was being used as part of a candle holder, so we tossed out the candle and removed the crushed glass. The sharp edges had already been removed so we didn’t have to worry about having to use a rock tumbler or anything to dull the edges. We poured some clear epoxy into a pile of the crushed glass and these are the shapes that resulted.

These were made using the tines from a clear plastic fork, and some plastic pellets found in the floral section of the craft store.

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