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Freshly Plowed Fields

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Open spaces, while essential to maneuver warfare, aren’t very visually appealing. Freshly plowed fields are a great addition to most gaming terrain collections, because they can make these open spaces look more interesting.

Getting a realistic look to your furrows is actually fairly easy if you use the right materials. Corduroy fabric is an excellent choice to start with. It comes in a variety of different weaves that can be used to simulate furrows in several different scales. In its simplest form cut the material to shape and place it down on the table.

We glued ours down to a piece of hardboard to give it a little extra rigidity. Alternatively you can also stiffen it up a little by  painting one side with glue.

Simply paint some PVA glue on the hardboard and press the fabric down on to it. When dry, trim the excess fabric off.

Some more texture was then added to the boards by adding some coffee grounds to the soil, and some flock to the edges.


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