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Grapevines are a useful piece of terrain! Unfortunately, most of the ones that are commercially available are clunky and don’t look like real vines at all. The following tutorial will show you how to easily make a vine that looks great at table distance.

The most important material for making these is wire mesh. The ¼” sized mesh works best for 15mm scaled terrain, but the basic technique should also work at other scales as well.

Cut the mesh into strips the length of your bases. Then glue them down onto to the bases.

Now take a piece of wire and wrap it around the top cross bar. Keep the size and length of the loops random.

Once you get to the end then go back the other way and add a second row of loops.

We went with three rows of loops, but feel free to do more if you think it looks better with more.

Then primer it all in the color of your choice and flock the upper half of the vines.

These look a little funny up-close, but from a normal table distance they look remarkably like the real thing. Considering how little they cost to make, it is very easy to add a few vineyards to your existing terrain collection.

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