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Internally Texturing Cast Crystals


If you have some crystal molds and want to make some really interesting or different looking crystals, internal texturing may just be what you’re looking for. There are a ton of different materials you could use, and the more creative you are the better! Here are some of what we did:

The intuitive method is to use clear objects embedded in the resin. These will give your crystals a very subtle texture, as well as cutting down on resin usage. All you need to do is fill the mold cavity with whatever material you have selected, then pour in the clear resin over the filler till the mold is filled. You will probably have to top off the resin several times as it slowly trickles in between the filler material. A few examples of the types of material that work are plastic or glass beads, or pellets, or even strands of fishing line. Even salt crystals will work (just make sure first that the resin you are working with doesn’t react with the salt).

To change things up, you can use objects that are colored to make them stand out more than the clear resin and other clear objects. In this case we used some light blue beads (that we broke up into smaller pieces to eliminate the regular shape). This results in internal color variations in addition to the subtle texture you get from the clear ones.


You can also use clear materials, but paint an imperfection onto the surface before casting it into the crystal. In this example we took clear plastic cutlery and broke it up into uneven shapes. We then painted one of the roughly broken sides with some clear paint. I think that this is my personal favorite method since it gives a very realistic looking blemish to the crystal.

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