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Making Security Fences (part one)

Security fences are another piece of terrain that can be useful in so many different situations. There are many different materials to choose from when making your fence posts, but for this example we are going to use metal fence posts. The easiest way to do this is to use galvanized nails for your posts. The galvanized surface gives it a little texture, and also makes it take paint a lot better than other nails. As an added bonus, the galvanized nails are the cheapest!

Try to find nails with very thin heads because they are much easier to use. They can either be glued down directly to the base or they can pass through a hole and be glued to the underside. The second method is preferred because it is substantially stronger, and fence posts tend to break easily otherwise.

If you want a flat top on your fence post then file or cut the sharp tip off. However if you are planning on topping the fence with some barbwire then you will need an angled bracket. We made the brackets by gluing a straw on to the top of the nails.

The easiest way to ensure that all of your angle brackets are set to the same place on your fence posts is to use a set tool. Simply cut a nail to the desired length and use it to push the straws to the same place on all of the posts.

Once the straws are in place, cut them in two to form the V shape. It works best if it’s left extra-long since it’s easy to cut to length later and hard to work with while shorter. How long your finished angle brackets are will depend on the size of the role of concertina wire that you use. Now that your posts are completed you are ready to move on to adding the chain link fence portion, which we will cover in our next article.


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