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Making Dragon’s Teeth

Dragon’s Teeth are a great obstacle to use; unfortunately I didn’t like most of the commercially available ones. Most of them are way too large, and don’t look very good when placed on a table. Naturally, I decided to make my own! These are only 9mm tall so the number of rows used was increased to three so that we would fill the entirety of the base we were using. Once the mold was made this was a very simple project to do.

We started by using a 3-D printer to make a master mold (shown left) of what we wanted. The master mold was then filled with a mold-making rubber to produce the actual mold (shown right).

We used a dental plaster to cast the Dragon’s Teeth with, because plaster gives a more concrete-like texture than resin does.

After drawing a line down the center of the base for reference, we glued the first line of teeth down. These were spaced out evenly with one end being next to the edge.

The outer rows of teeth were glued in place with the help of a spacer. These went very fast since it wasn’t necessary to measure the distance between them.

Sand was glued down to texture the surface of the base. They were then painted, washed, and flocked.

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