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Psychedelic Mushrooms

Fungi are a lot of fun on the tabletop! Mixing some fungal flavor into your tabletop terrain will make it look much more alien, and ends up being pretty easy (and cheap) to do.

Our large mushrooms were made using three sizes of suction cups. These are the clear rubbery suction cups that are usually used for hanging Christmas decorations or stuff on the inside of your shower. After removing the metal hook, turn them inside out. You must warm them up a little before doing this to release the material “memory”. If you don’t reset the memory with some heat then they will just pop back into their original shape again.

The mushroom stems were made by using the handles of clear plastic cutlery.  Simply break the handles off and heat them till they become soft. (Some plastic will become soft enough to shape by simply immersing it in very hot water.) Once the plastic is softened, role the sides in together to form a more rounded shape.

We found that hot glue works the best to attach the stems to the tops, but many other glues will also work as well.

The smaller mushrooms are just some plastic pellets we got in the floral decorating section of the craft store, mounted on a piece of plastic rod. They really are as simple as that!

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