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Two new models have been added to the store.

Introducing our first Sci-Fi models, the Basic Drone, and the Heavy Gun Drone. These have been in the works for a long time, with many complications delaying the release, so we are pleased to finally announce that they have been added to our store. These are technically more like small vehicles than terrain, so they are a little outside of our normal scope. They were a lot of fun to design and make, so hopefully we will do more like them. These were done in 28mm scale, but could easily be used in other scales if desired.


The Basic Drone is a versatile drone that can be used for an extremely wide variety of purposes. Because the top surface is very flat, it can transport cargo (or other models!), or be used as a chassis for more complicated drones. It’s perfect as a starting point for converting your own models if that’s what you want.


The Heavy Gun Drone uses the Basic Drone as a gun carriage to transport a very large support weapon. It wouldn’t be very fast; it’s big, and clumsy, but nothing stiffens the resolve of an infantry unit like the addition of some big guns. Don’t you think that your own infantry could use a little serious firepower?

Find the products here:

Basic Drone

Heavy Gun Drone

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