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The Importance of Size

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So you’ve had a great idea for area terrain; a typical green forest, valley of rocks, cluster of crystals or maybe some ruins. No matter what you are making, there is a simple rule you can follow to make it look exponentially better. Make your stuff in different sizes. This keeps your area terrain visually interesting without much effort on your part.

Whether you use the same type of plant or many different ones in your forest, remember to change up the size.

As a general rule, we make our area terrain have at least three different sized pieces we can use.  There are a handful of reasons for this. The first is obvious; it just looks better. It gives your terrain more variety in a dead simple way. Just mix a few small plants in with your large trees; your forest will start to look believable.

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But why three sizes? Why not two, or four? By targeting at least three different sizes for our sets, we find that our terrain becomes much more flexible. Any more than that is nice, but it is a diminished return. This is because the small, medium and large sizes we use target some sweet spots. We can mix them together to make nice looking terrain, and we can split them up for different effects in a pinch.

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  1. […] As a final note; we like to make our plants in at least three different sizes, and we like to make lots of the little ones. A small plant doesn’t tend to get in the way when playing a game, yet still adds a lot to the game visually. A real forest has plants in all stages of the life cycle, so having your plants in several different sizes is crucial to making it look realistic. You can read up more on the importance of size here. […]

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