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The Scorched Land

The Scorched Land

There isn’t much going on in the Scorched Land. It has some big rocks and few plants have started to grow in around the edges. Did I mention the rocks? We have enough to cover the entire table with ease, and if you ever wanted to start an table with no painting and an easy theme…. well this is your table. You can have large impassable rock formations, smaller rock fields as area terrain, and when you’re done, you’ll even have matching material to base your models with. To get started, take a trip to your favorite gardening shop, and buy some lava rocks. Smash those decorative rocks into powder for basing material, and viola; an easy table. If you want to paint them you can, but we liked the reddish color they came as. If you hate red, well you can find these in other colors too!

We also have some WIP lava features to share with you, so look forward to those in our next post. But until then, we felt bad for leaving you with just some pictures of rocks. So here are pictures of the lords of this barren planet.

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